Matrix Mu 97d



Mu Matrix Information

Server Name: Mu MATRiX Hard
Server Version: 97d+99i
Server Location: Turkey
Server UpTime: 24/7
server open 02.06.2022.20.00 GMT+2
Server Last Restart: 345 days ago (6 months and 1 day)

Server Information

Experience: 80x (weekend 100x)
Gold Party Bonus Exp: +30% info
BC and DS Bonus Exp: +20 exp
Drop rate: 40%
Max level: 350
Max resets: 54 (Every sunday at 22:00 max resets will rise with +2)
New max resets: 56 (+90
Reset level for 1 ~ 56 reset: 350 level
Keep stats: No
Reset points BK: 340
Reset points SM: 410
Reset points ME: 400
Reset points MG: 420
Reset Zen: 10 mil. x Reset Number (Max Zen for reset: 400 mil.)
Max stats per attribute: 32000
Clear PK Zen: 20 mil x Kills
Stat Points Per level: BK/SM/ME - 5 MG - 7
Magic Gladiator Creation Level: 220 level
Guild Create Level: 100
Max Guild Members: 30
Max item level: +11+16 add
Items Max Excellent options: 2
Bless Bug: OFF
Item duration on the floor: 60 seconds
Item dropped by other players can be picked up after: 30 seconds
Zen duration on the floor: 20 seconds
Healing potions drink delay: 0 seconds
Server events: BC / DS / Sky Event / Sea Worm
Sky Event: Every hour
Golden Invasions: Every hour
Death Dragons: 1 Death Dragon in icarus 2, Respawn time: 30 min.
Spawns: everywhere
AFK for Credits Map: Stay AFK in Lorencia town to win 1 cr. per hour
PK Free Map: lorencia ring, losttower1 , davias only right enterance

Mana Shield Start Percent: 10%
Mana Shield Agility per 1%: 250 Agility
Mana Shield Energy per 1%: 500 Energy
Mana Shield Max Percent: 35%
Mana Shield Duration: 2 minutes

Swell Life Start Percent: 12%
Swell Life Vitality per 1%: 150 Vitality
Swell Life Energy per 1%: 100 Energy
Swell Life Duration: 2 minutes
Swell Life Max Life: 30,000 (max life Swell of Life can reach)

Ice Age chance to freeze player: 20%
Ice Age chance to freeze monster: 100%

Fire Slash Reduce Defense: 30%
Fire Slash Duration: 10 seconds
Fire Slash Success Rate: 45%

New Characters bonus resets: 4 resets
New Characters bonus zen: 10,000 zen
New Characters bonus vault zen: 50,000 zen

Success Rates

Jewel of Soul Success Rate (No Luck): 60%
Jewel of Soul Success Rate (With Luck): 75%
Jewel of Life Success Rate: 55%

Item +10 Success Rate (No Luck): 70%
Item +11 Success Rate (No Luck): 70%
Total chance for item +9 to be upgraded to +11: 49%

Item +10 Success Rate (With Luck): 90%
Item +11 Success Rate (With Luck): 90%
Total chance for item +9+Luck to be upgraded to +11: 81%

Wings 1 level Max Success Rate: 100%
Wings 2 level Success Rate: 90%
(2 level Wings combining is not bugged, you need to put exc items to get 90%)



5000Cr- 10Euro

10000Cr- 20Euro

30000Cr-30 EURO